The Hydration Package includes Ringer’s Solution, commonly called Lactated Ringers or LR in the medical field. It is an isotonic fluid ideal for hydration.  The electrolytes in it mimic the concentrations normally found in the human body. The solution itself is slightly basic. The body’s normal day to day functions, especially metabolic processes, produce acid.  It is the job of the kidneys to remove that acid from the bloodstream. When you are dehydrated, less blood goes to kidneys so that you can hold onto blood volume subsequently you can build up acidic products of metabolism in the body.  LR helps to replenish blood volume and its balance of electrolytes and pH will help restore you back to balance or what we call homeostasis. One liter of isotonic fluid directly into the bloodstream is the equivalent of three liters of water by mouth.  This saves time and other necessary resources especially energy the body must use to convert ordinary water into the components of blood. By using LR we can provide these resources quickly and efficiently. A typical package takes 45 minutes to an hour to complete, whereas drinking the equivalent could take several hours.  While a glass of water quenches your thirst and dry tongue, the systemic benefits can take several hours to achieve, with IV hydration these benefits have already started as soon as your infusion has begun running and lasts for hours and days once its complete.  

  • 1000mL Ringer’s Lactate

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