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Prescription Plan Memberships are billed quarterly and are set up on automatic payments, to cancel please call NeuDrip at 619-777-8662 .

For Medication Refills please call NeuDrip at 619-777-8662 for a refill request before paying for your order. Payments received without speaking with NeuDrip will not be processed.

Cancelation Policy

Telemedicine Membership: Once you are enrolled in the program the quarterly NeuDrip fee is automatically taken out of your account, per your first payment by square.  We billed quarterly because the mediation can last up to or around 3 months.  If you choose to cancel your membership for any reason within the first thirty (30) days you may do so by calling the office at 619-777-8662.  If you choose to cancel within the first 30 days, for any reason including intolerance to the medication, you will receive $150.00 of your NeuDrip membership payment back.  Example: If you pay $450 for the quarterly membership rate you will receive a $150 refund.  The initial couple of months are vital for Client-Doctor communication and the provider must be reimbursed for their time.  If you choose to cancel after the first 30 days you will lose out on the $450 in its entirety.  The first 30 days starts the day you pay for your membership.  We hate to see you go but understand things come up.

Renewals: Memberships are automatic renewals, you agree to this in Square when you pay for the membership. There are two types of reminds sent out, one from NeuDrip to your email as a courtesy reminder and one from Square as a text message. If you wish to cancel you must do it before you automatic renewal gets processed. If you cancel your membership after your card gets charged, there will be $50 non refundable service fee. To cancel or pause your membership please call us at 619-777-8662 and press 0 to speak to a Team Member.

Medication: Sorry, no refunds on the medication as it is a third party vendor.  If you choose to cancel your membership before the vial is empty you must throw out the remaining medication.  If you cancel your membership within the first 30 days and have not opened the medication you must ship it back to the company at your expense.  If you have canceled your membership within the first thirty days but have already opened the medication, you must throw out the medication.

Please call us if you have further questions or are ready to cancel 619-777-8662